Material Girl

  • Type: RPG
  • Tags: Female Protagonist, Corruption, Prostitution, Gangbang
  • Length: 10 – 30 hours
  • Language: EN (MTL)
  • Censorship: 18+ Patch
  • Platforms: Windows
  • Size: 1.18 GB


    She usually has worries in her mind, and doesn’t speak often. Therefore, her classmates believe that she is unpredictable. As a born beauty, she is busty. She could have become a popular beauty in the school. However, she is not so popular, because she is not good at social contact. She only has some fans who admire her secretly. She is able to peacefully accept things unacceptable to ordinary people, which probably results from her father’s job, a war photographer. She often followed her father to many places when she was very young, and also encountered dangerous situations. Therefore, she has excellent physical fitness, which is enough for her when she deals with hooligans. She is somewhat insensitive, so it’s hard for her to understand how others feel. A neighbor, who is a childhood partner of her, often comes to her house to have dinner with her, but she has never perceived the boy’s admiration for her.


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    Material Girl

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