Sousei Tenshi Cross Emotion

  • Type: Visual novel
  • Tags: Anal, Tentacles, Bondage, Breasts Expansion
  • Original title: ?????????????
  • Language: Japanese
  • Censorship: Mosaic
  • Platforms: Windows
  • Size: 1.21 GB


    A monster “idom” that is out of desire by mental parasite “id” and runs away as desire.
    It was built to combat the idom that posed a threat to human beings,
    It was a transformation system “EM (Emotional Arms)” with mental power as the source of power.
    The biggest feature of EM Arms is not only wearers,
    Use “feelings” of all those surrounding them as a power source.
    As a result, EM Arms exerts infinite power in theory
    It was supposed to be the strongest invincible transformation system … ….
    Two girls chosen as conformers of EM Arms,
    Amano Amano and Hikarido Ao transformed into ‘Imaginary Angel Cross Emotion’
    I have repeated brilliant victories over Idom opponent.
    To gather the energy of EM Arms, its success was delivered through various media,
    People kept sending great cheers to them.
    People’s trust in the invincible savior, and great enthusiasm for pretty transformation heroines,
    EM Arms was demonstrating the maximum potential.


    Sousei Tenshi Cross Emotion

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